Dean Kosage, Founder/Chairman of Zooplr, LLC,


Dean has been recognized by Cambridge Who’s Who for showing dedication, leadership and excellence in all aspects of motivational consulting. Dean Kosage has more than 20 years of professional experience and specializes in building tribes and the skill sets required to develop and train these tribes.  Such as gamification, mobile business strategies, speaking and life coaching.


Dean cut his teeth and learned the ropes of the trade as a kid working with the World Wide Group of the Amway Corporation and proudly achieved the company’s Executive Diamond position.  Dean credits his early success and his ability to deal with people from being mentored by the leaders in the World Wide Group.


Dean Kosage achieved a passive income stream early in his career that continued for over 20 years and has allowed him to pursue multiple passions today.  A truly multi-faceted individual, Dean has been honored to work on various entertainment projects where he was funding movies and helping musical artists remix albums


He attributes his continued success, as well as his drive and perseverance to pursuing education outside and beyond what the conveyor belt school systems allow our teachers to teach.


What spurred this focus on personal growth was Dean having to recover from a divorce after a 2-year marriage at a very young age.  He decided to follow in the footsteps of many of the top authors and speakers he had been studying and to turn his pain into a victory and to pursue excellence in relationships.


Within one year after his divorce, Dean went from the typical debt and chaos that suddenly becoming a single parent brings to breaking records in business and being recognized on stage with his daughter to over 30,000 people.


With a 73% divorce rate and the massive amount of personal debt in this country, many good people are looking for examples of individuals who have made comebacks in their personal lives as well as their careers.  Thousands of people in multiple countries have gained inspiration and made their own comebacks due to counseling with Dean personally or through his CDs or seminars.  It was this large and sudden fan base that has lead to Dean Kosage as being recognized for building one of the largest social networks that spanned across 18 countries.


Dean has released several CD’s pertaining to leadership, building communities of people, and self-development that have gone and sold to 100’s of thousands of people around the world.


Dean believes there is an army of people out there today who have been exposed to personal growth through the multiple outlets that have popped up in this country.  Bottom line is, Dean Kosage loves meeting captivating people.  It is this ever-growing group of people that Dean is in popular demand with.


“Often this rising group of people are drawn to extreme sports or to living outside the Matrix…not out of trying to escape life, but to keep life from escaping them!”

Companies like NIKE helped to brand this generation of people who crave to be free, to be wild at heart, and to want to lead healthy lifestyles.


Dean Kosage was the recipient of the Single Parent Award and the Public Speaking Circuit Award.  Dean shares some insight from his featured segment in the book

“If I were your Daddy” by Julia Espey, forward by Jack Canfield.


“We now know you can do all this and be great parents…high school and college were not the best years of your life, and 40 is the new 20! “But with money”!”


Dean has opened doors for many people who have been fortunate to come in contact with him.  A recent example is in his creation of  “Defining Moments of Courage”, a #1 Amazon bestseller, which was published and co-authored by Dean Kosage, Owner of Defining Moments Publishing.


Now considered a global gamification expert and mobile revolution leader, Dean Kosage has the attention of many global industries leaders that want to get in the Game with his creation of